Bulgarian for foreigners

Let’s talk in Bulgarian

shall we?

If you are a foreigner in Bulgaria and you want to learn more about our culture, traditions and especially the language, Bell Education is the right place for you!

Bell Education offers professional Bulgarian lessons, which are individually structured according to your personal requirements.

What is more is that our teachers provide personal attention to every student and are able to contribute to your first fun, easy and professional steps in Bulgarian.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1 training hour30 training hours ( 5% discount)
1 training hour30 training hours ( 5% discount)
1 person12 BGN (14BGN)342 BGN (399BGN)
Group of 2 people9 BGN (12BGN)256 BGN (342BGN)
Group of 3 people7 BGN (10BGN)199 BGN (285BGN)
Group of 4 people6 BGN (8BGN)171 BGN (228BGN)

Български език за чужденци / Bulgarian for foreigners