What are the advantages of learning Bulgarian?

What are the advantages of learning Bulgarian?

Bulgarian may not be a common language but there are some reasons to learn it! Let me show you some!

Cool characters from the movies speak Bulgarian. 

For example: Not many people can understand Tom Hanks in the movie „Terminal“, but those who speak Bulgarian can! The hero of the film is a traveler of a fictional country, called Kpakozhia. The language he speaks is in fact Bulgarian.

And the comments in IMDb are really funny – „This is crazy!“, „What is this language?“, „Someone here speaking Russian or Bulgarian?“ just because everyone wanted to know what was that language that Tom Hanks speaks.

It gives you freedom of speech which English can’t offer

Yes, this is an advantage! If you are a Frenchman and travel to Peru, for example, every time you and your partner want to say something in your lower tongue, there is a chance for someone else to hear your conversation. You probably think – „Well, that doesn’t matter“, But those who speak Bulgarian have more unity.

The latest trend in innovations!

Again, innovation – this is your thing. Why do you read German or Spanish? That’s enough! A truly innovative person will learn Bulgarian or Lithuanian. Can you imagine that you can speak a language that no other person can speak! Haha, that may be a little complicated, but anyway, imagine it. Be a true innovator. Raise your full innovative potential!

If you know Bulgarian, you will be able to understand Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian and even a little bit of Russian.

We do not say that with Bulgarian language you will automatically learn all these languages, but still – you will be able to understand them. For example, almost every Bulgarian can speak fluently with a Macedonian.

It gives you a niche

If you are interested in languages ​​and linguistics, the Bulgarian language gives you a niche. You are not just the previous person who can speak English or Spanish. It gives you a practical name, which certainly has its benefits. Every language has value and it depends on you whether you can use it as an advantage. Don’t underestimate what you already have.

In addition, Sofia was included in the list of „10 best cities, from which to start your journey“ on cp. Fopbs. So, learning the Bulgarian language can be good for your business.

Foreigners call it the language of love

The English language is spoken for the sake of business, but the Bulgarian language is also spoken for the sake of love. The Bulgarian language is incredibly catchy. That is a feeling that cannot be explained!  The Bulgarian language is first – passive, second – rich and third – powerful.
L. Kasabova

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