We offer intensive language courses.

Our teachers have a high level of qualification and can successfully adapt to the needs of each student.

The aim of the course is to master the grammatical and lexical aspects of the language, focusing mainly on the exercises connected to verbal skills, in order to overcome the language barrier.



For every level we have set a minimum of study hours which is necessary to be covered.

Level A0 – 30 study hours
Level A1 – 60 study hours
Level A2 – 75 study hours
Level B1 – 75 study hours
Level B2 – 90 study hours
Level C1 – 100 study hours

  • Lessons can be held on weekdays until 18:30 or at weekends.
  • The schedule for classes is negotiable.

1 study hour Pay in advance and get -10% discount*
Level A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 40 BGN 36 BGN (720 BGN / 20 study hours)
Exam preparation 50 BGN 45.00 BGN (900BGN / 20 study hours)

**Package price with 10% discount included, valid for payment in advance.

  • Lessons can be held on weekdays until 18:30 or at weekends.
  • The schedule for classes is negotiable.
  • The indicated prices are for 1 student.

1 study hour Pay in advance and get -10% discount*
Level A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 22 BGN 19.80 BGN (396 BGN / 20 study hours)
Exam preparation 25 BGN 22.50 BGN (450 BGN / 20 study hours)

**Package price with 10% discount included, valid for payment in advance.

  • The indicated prices are for 1 student.

1 study hour Pay in advance and get -10% discount*
Level A1 / A2 / B1 / B2 18 BGN 16.20 BGN (324BGN / 20 study hours)
Exam preparation 20 BGN 18 BGN (360 BGN / 20 study hours)

**Package price with 10% discount included, valid for payment in advance.

Info: 1 study hour is 40 minutes. One lesson lasts 2 or 3 study hours (80 or 120 minutes).

Info: Info: An arranged lesson can be cancelled or changed 48 hours in advance. If the deadline is not met, the lesson is considered taken.

Suitable for people who have not learned the language or have minimal knowledge. The course for level A0 is short and preparatory, and its purpose is to give a good base to the students so that they can master and apply successfully the new knowledge in the intensive courses for the next levels.

Level A1 Level A2
Listening I understand basic expressions related to me, my family, and my immediate environment when I am spoken to slowly and clearly. I can understand the most commonly used words and expressions from areas that most directly relate to me (e.g. basic information about me and my family, shopping, work, my close environment). I can understand the essentials in short and clear messages.
Reading I can understand simple, common words and simple sentences, such as signs, posters, and catalogues. I can read short, simple texts. I can find specific, predictable information in notices, advertisements, brochures, menus, schedules, and more. I can understand short personal letters.
Speaking I communicate with elementary expressions if the interlocutor is ready to slowly repeat what has been said or to express it in another way and help me find the right words. I can ask and answer the simplest questions in case of immediate need or a familiar topic. I can use simple expressions and sentences to describe where I live and the people I know. I can communicate in everyday situations that require a simple, direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities. I can have a short conversation, although I usually don't understand enough to be able to maintain it. I can briefly describe with a certain set of expressions and sentences my family and others, my home and living conditions, education, current or previous professional activity.
Writing I can write a short text for a postcard (for example from a holiday or a trip). I can fill in my name, nationality, address, or other personal data in forms (for example in a hotel). I can write short notes and messages. I can keep ordinary personal correspondence, for example, to express my gratitude in writing.

Level B1 Level B2
Listening I can understand the essentials on familiar topics such as work, study, leisure, etc. when clear literary language is used. I understand basic information from radio and television broadcasts on current topics or personal and professional issues when speaking relatively slowly and clearly. I can understand relatively long oral presentations and lectures and follow even complex arguments, provided that the topic is familiar to me. I can understand most TV news programs and current affairs. I can understand most movies when it comes to literary language.
Reading I can understand texts that contain mostly commonly used every day and professional vocabulary. I can understand descriptions of events, feelings, and desires in personal correspondence. I can understand articles and reports with contemporary issues, in which the authors defend certain positions. I can understand contemporary literary prose.
Speaking I can handle most situations that arise when traveling to countries where the language is spoken. I can participate without prior preparation in conversations on familiar topics, of a personal nature or related to everyday life (e.g., family, hobbies, work, travel, current events). I can connect expressions in a simple way to describe experiences and events, my plans, hopes, and goals. I can briefly express and argue my opinion. I can tell stories and events, the plot of books and movies, as well as describe my impressions. I can communicate relatively easily and casually, which makes my contact with native speakers completely possible. I can actively participate in discussions on familiar topics, present and defend my opinions. I can give clear and detailed descriptions of a wide range of topics that interest me. I can express an opinion on a current issue and point out the advantages and disadvantages of different options.
Writing I can compose a simple related text on topics that are familiar or interesting to me. I can keep personal correspondence by describing events and impressions. I can write a clear, detailed text on a wide range of topics that interest me. I can write an essay or report that presents information or arguments for or against a particular opinion. I can keep personal correspondence, emphasizing in it the events and experiences that are important to me.

Level C1 Level C2
Listening I can understand relatively long statements even when they are not clearly structured and logical connections are only implied. I can understand TV shows and movies without much effort. I can easily understand any speech both in direct communication and on the radio or television, even when spoken quickly by native speakers, provided I have some time to get used to the peculiarities of pronunciation.
Reading I can understand long and complex specialized and literary texts, as well as perceive stylistic nuances. I can understand specialized articles and long technical instructions even when they are not related to my professional field. I can easily read any text, even when it is abstract or complex in form and content, such as textbooks, scientific articles, and literary works.
Speaking I can express myself smoothly and effortlessly, without visible difficulty. I can use the language flexibly and efficiently for social and professional contacts. I can accurately express my thoughts and opinions, as well as skilfully connect my contribution in the conversation with the contribution of others. I can speak clearly and in detail on complex issues, including related sub-topics, develop certain aspects and finish the speech appropriately. I can easily participate in any conversation or discussion. I am fluent in colloquial and idiomatic expressions. I can speak smoothly and clearly, as well as accurately express all the nuances of my thought. If I still find it difficult, I can find another wording and get out of the difficulty easily without being noticed. I can make a clear and smooth description in a style appropriate to the situation. I can build my speech logically so that the listener can quickly perceive and remember the important moments.
Writing I can compose well-structured written texts, clearly expressing my opinion. I can write letters, essays, and reports on various topics, emphasizing the essentials. I can choose a style suitable for the addressee. I can compose a clear, well-structured text in an appropriate style. I can write complex and detailed letters, reports, and articles in which to express my opinion logically so that the reader understands and remembers the essentials. I can write summaries and reviews of specialized and artistic texts.

All students take an exam at the end of each level.

Upon successful completion, at the request of the student, a certificate is issued according to an established form, confirming the level of knowledge of the language.

Paper certificate: 6 BGN

Digital certificate: for FREE

Info: Registrations are with a deposit (BGN 20) or advance payment, after taking a free entrance test. The fee can be paid:
– in our office in Varna, 8 Knyaz Alexander Battenberg St., 2nd floor
– with a bank transfer
– with a card via ePay