How did you get here, we would love to know!

How did you get here, we would love to know!

Whether for work, education, or tourism you have found yourself in Bulgaria. To get the most of your stay in the country, knowing the native language is essential. Sure, you might need some time to learn a new language with a different writing system on top of that, but everything is possible if you put your mind to it. And of course any language loving foreigner is welcome in the Bulgarian language course at Bell Education. Furthermore, we can assist you with a couple of useful phrases for when you don’t have available hands to help you with the translation and to impress your friends at home.


1. Greetings

For a starter why not a “Hello”? Being polite in Bulgarian will impress any host. “Zdraveyte” is used when talking to a group of people or you want to be polite. And when you talk to a friend it is “Zdravey”. Simple as that! Of course there are more formal phrases to greet people like “Dobar den!” which basically translates as “Good afternoon” or “Dobar vecher!” which means “Good evening”.



2. Navigation

Going out and about in a Bulgarian city you might need to ask for directions. Even if you speak only English people will happily assist you, however asking in Bulgarian your chances of getting directions rise even higher. To get information about where you can find something, go ahead and ask “Kade se namira …?” Left is ‘lyavo”, right is “dyasno” and ahead – “napravo”.


3. Food and drinks

With the help of the directions given form a friendly native you and your friends or colleagues have found a restaurant on the seaside, you’ve already greeted the server and now you want to order something healthy and refreshing. Ask for a “shopska salata”- a favourite of all, that is made from tomato and cucumber slices, red bell pepper, onion and sprinkled with a lot of feta cheese. If you drink alcohol, it goes very well with “rakiya” – schnapps made from fermented fruits.




As you are being served you can thank the server with a simple “blagodarya” which will be much appreciated.

Getting to know other people who speak Bulgarian will be a great help in improving your language skills. “Zdravey” and “Kak si?” (How are you?) might be great conversation starters.

To continue your language practise why not take a course here in Bell Education? Whatever the reason for you staying in Bulgaria, learning the language is helpful and Bell Education is here to guide you through the learning process with the courses for foreigners.

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Anika Koleva