Why learn the Bulgarian language?

Why learn the Bulgarian language?

In this article you will learn 3 reasons why it is good to speak Bulgarian.



1. Cyrillic alphabet.

Learning the Bulgarian alphabet will help you to read easier in Russian, Macedonian, Serbian and some other Slavic languages.


2. Private talks in public places.

Have you ever wanted to walk in the crowd and talk privately to a friend in a language that nobody will know? Well, Bulgarian isn’t a very common language and guarantees your talks will only be between you and your friend. Remember, do not do it in Bulgaria, here everyone will understand you 😀
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3.Better experience as a tourist.

Most people in Bulgaria speak English, but if you want to really immerse yourself in the culture it is always better if you speak the local language. One thing is for sure, knowedge of Bulgarian will make you travel easily around Bulgaria, exploring its hidden treasures.

Finally here are some very common phrases you will need if you are in Bulgaria:

Zdravei“ – Hello

Kak si?“ – How are you?

Dobre sam“ – I’m fine.

Mozhe li edna bira? – Can I have a beer?

Blagodarya“ – Thank you

Obicham te“ – I love you

Chao“ – Bye

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